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Contents of toolbox/geo
Introduction ^
Projections and geoscientific functions
Projections of spherical/geographical coordinates,
calculations of spherical distances by GEODIST,
of magnetic deviation on earth with GEOMAG and
the cycle of the sun by SUNCYCLE, SUNZENIT, SUNCOVER.
Matlab files in this directory ^
Projections and geoscientific functions # Contents of "toolbox/geo"
AXEPROJ Projection of Axes using Mapping Toolbox
CONEGRID creates a conic Grid on a Sphere
CONEPROJ Conic Projection of geodesic Coordinates
function y = deg2merc(y,ext)
DST_PROJ Projection of spherical Coordinates to DistanceCoordinates
GEODIST Distance and bearing between geographical points.
GEOGRID Computes a Grid for geodetic Coordinates
GEOLAT Transforms geodetic Latitudes, using WGS84-Ellipsoid
GEOMAG Calculate geomagnetic field values from a spherical harmonic model.
GEORAD Radius of spherical approximation of an ellipsoid
GEOSECT Returns Coordinates of a Geodesic Section
GET_TOPO Extract Topography-Data from NetCDF-File
GLB_PROJ Elliptic Projection (Hammer-Aithoff), using WGS84
HORIZON Calculate Visibility of Object over the Horizon
function y = merc2deg(y,ext)
MPROJ Projection of Coordinates using MappingToolbox
OBS_PROJ Projection of spherical Coordinates to cartesian Coordinates
SHOWSECT Extract and Display a bathymetric Section
SPH_PROJ Projection of spherical Coordinates to cartesian Coordinates of Sphere
SUNCOVER Covering of EarthCoordinates by Sun
SUNCYCLE returns the Time of SunRise, SunSet, Solar Altitude and Radiation
SUNZENIT Calculates ZenitPosition of the Sun on Earth
VDG_PROJ Van Der Grinten Polyconic Projection
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Coefficients for IGRF Model, see also GEOMAG
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