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Matlab Directories ^
TOPOSURF A high-configureable Visualisation-Tool for XYZ(C)-Data
Topographic Datasets, ShoreLine, River and political Boundaries
World Vector ShoreLine, River and Political Boundaries in binned NetCDF-Format
Topographics datasets, 30-, 10- and 5-minute resolution
Demos and Examples for TOPOSURF
Example using TOPOSURF and DATAPLOT to show ANIMATE-Locations
Examples of StyleFile and DataFile for DATAPLOT
Images and M-Files of the build-in examples of TOPOSURF
DefaultConfigurations for TOPOSURF and DATAPLOT
Example using TOPOSURF and DATAPLOT for OceanSites
GUI to retrieve bathymetric Section between two Locations
Pointer in XPM-Format for XPMPTR
Optional Methods for Objects
Definitions for Objects
Methods for Objects
Read/Write binned GMT-Lines (Shore, River, Border) in NetCDF-Format
Data analysis and Modifications
File- and DirectoryHandling
Geoscientific functions
Graphic tools
Labeling of Axes
ColorMaps and ColorModifications
Control for GraphicHandles
Working with Images
Figure- and PaperLayout
Interactive MouseActions on axes or objects
Specialized visualisations
Tools for programming
Control the execution of M-Files
Date- and Time-Functions
File import/export
Access NetCDF-DataFiles
MEXCDF Interfaces to access NetCDF-Data
Object classes and methods
Additional Methods for Class CHAR
Additional Methods for Class LOGICAL
Matlab Files found in these directories ^

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