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Introduction ^
TOPOSURF   A high-configureable Visualisation-Tool for XYZ(C)-Data
             run the Examples or see the Images in "demo/img/"

           Build in Examples:  >> toposurf @#NAME

           NAME: topo, seamount, isle, logo, baltic, section, magdev

DATAPLOT   Plot XY-Locations and Legends in predefined Styles.
            see the Example in "demo/sites/", run LCVR_MAP

Check that the MatlabPath is set correctly.
Use the Function RECPATH under "tools/" 
to add a DirectoryStructure recursivly to Matlab's SearchPath.
Use RECPATH with the Option "-begin".

All M-Files required for TOPOSURF and DATAPLOT exist
in the "private"-Directory.
Several usefull M-Files are also available under "tools".
GMT-Data are located in the Directory "database".

Note that errors can occur under Matlab Release 13 and higher
caused to the new behaviour of Variables in the class "logical".
Such problems can often solve to convert the Variables to double,
using:  double(VARIABLE)


private/:  PRIVATE-Directory with Matlab-Functions for TOPOSURF and DATAPLOT

colmaps/:  ColorMaps to use by FERRETC in TOPOSURF

tools/:    miscellaneous usefull Matlab-Functions, some requiered for Demos 

geosect/:  GUI to extract bathymetric sections between two Locations

demo/:     Examples/Defaults for TOPOSURF and DATAPLOT

database/: Topography: MAT-Files, ETOPO5 (NetCDF);
           Binned GMT-Data in NetCDF-Format: ShoreLines, River, Border
Matlab files in this directory ^
TOPOSURF A high-configureable Visualisation-Tool for XYZ(C)-Data # Contents of "map"
DATAPLOT Plot a DataSet from a DataFile using Styles from a StyleFile
TOPOSURF Visualisation of topological Surfaces/Images
Subsequent directories ^
Topographic Datasets, ShoreLine, River and political Boundaries
Demos and Examples for TOPOSURF
GUI to retrieve bathymetric Section between two Locations
Download archive of Directory ^
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