The first CCE-1 deployment occurred in Fall 2008, and the current (eleventh) CCE-1 mooring was deployed in November 2017. The CCE-2 mooring was first deployed in early 2010, and the present (ninth) deployment started in August 2017. Both moorings are telemetering subsets of the data ashore. The full datasets are recorded internally and will be retrieved after the moorings are physically recovered.

Data from the moorings can be viewed in the data section. The mooring diagrams listed below describe the mooring designs and instrument payloads.

The CCE-1 buoy after a deployment in December 2009.

List of Deployments

Mooring Deployment Recovery Diagram Data
CCE1-01 10-Nov-2008 23-Feb-2009 cce1_01_imp.png Time series plots
CCE1-02 18-May-2009 14-Dec-2009 cce1_02_imp.png Time series plots
CCE1-03 14-Dec-2009 01-Sep-2010 cce1_03_imp.png Time series plots
CCE1-04 02-Sep-2010 23-Oct-2010 cce1_04_imp.png Time series plots
CCE1-05 06-Mar-2011 20-Sep-2012 cce1_05_design.png Time series plots
CCE1-06 21-Sep-2012 20-May-2013 cce1_06_design.png Time series plots
CCE1-07 30-Sep-2013 26-Oct-2014 cce1_07_design.png Time series plots
CCE1-08 25-Oct-2014 20-Nov-2015 cce1_08_design.png Time series plots
CCE1-09 19-Nov-2015 09-Oct-2016 cce1_09_design.png Time series plots
CCE1-10 08-Oct-2016 03-Nov-2017 cce1_10_design.png Time series plots
CCE1-11 03-Nov-2017 cce1_11_design.png Time series plots
CCE2-01 16-Jan-2010 05-Mar-2011 cce2_01_imp.png Time series plots
CCE2-02 05-Mar-2011 14-Dec-2011 cce2_02_design.png Time series plots
CCE2-03 23-Mar-2012 10-Apr-2013 cce2_03_design.png Time series plots
CCE2-04 11-Apr-2013 30-Apr-2014 cce2_04_design.png Time series plots
CCE2-05 01-May-2014 28-Apr-2015 cce2_05_design.png Time series plots
CCE2-06 27-Apr-2015 16-May-2016 cce2_06_design.png Time series plots
CCE2-07 19-May-2016 08-Mar-2017 cce2_07_design.png Time series plots
CCE2-08 10-Mar-2017 14-May-2017 cce2_08_design.png Time series plots
CCE2-09 14-Aug-2017 cce2_09_design.png Time series plots